Chiropractors | 3 Home Remedies To Soothe Lower Back Pain Before Your Next Chiropractor Appointment

Posted on: 20 January 2016

Bad postures at work, poor sleeping positions and muscle strains can all contribute to your lower back pain problem. While visits to chiropractors are vital when you are facing lower back pain, you can undertake some remedies on your own to soothe the pain before your next chiropractic appointment.

Give Your Core Region Some Exercise

Connected to your back frame, different muscles and ligaments in your back and lower abs usually support your lower back spine. These muscles form part of your core body and tend to remain dormant throughout the day as you sit at work. Strong abdominal and back muscles are critical for keeping the body upright and alleviating your lower back pain. Abdominal exercises like leg lifts, trunk curls and pelvic tilts are effective, while back exercises like leg raises, arm raises, cat curls and back extensions have proven to be successful in reducing back pain. While these exercises will help to reduce your pain temporarily, visiting chiropractors will ensure that your problem finds a long-term solution.

Ease Your Pain With Hot And Cold Treatments

Applying hot and cold packs to your back can have a huge impact on reducing your lower back pain and speeding up the process of healing. Cold therapy reduces inflammation, which usually causes back pain. It also doubles up as an anaesthetic by decelerating impulses in the nerves. This keeps the nerves from causing your back to pain. Heat therapy stimulates the flow of blood to bring healing nutrients to the affected back area. Try placing a cold icepack on your back to see if your pain reduces. If not, apply heat therapy by using a hot water bottle or heat pad to bring relief to your lower back. If any of these remedies work temporarily to alleviate your lower back pain, be sure to inform your chiropractors to help them make a more informed assessment of your pain situation.

Get Enough Sleep

Most people with lower back pain usually complain that they are unable to fall or stay asleep. But the problem with inadequate sleep is that it can worsen your lower back pain, so you'll naturally want to get as much sleep as possible to effectively alleviate your pain. If you have trouble sleeping, you may want to address this issue with some medication or you must find a way to get enough sleep until your next visit at the chiropractor's office.

Make sure you follow these easy home remedies for treating your lower back pain until you next visit the chiropractor's office.